March 07, 2019

Far Infrared Saunas Gaining Popularity

By Kirk Nederpelt
Far Infrared Saunas Gaining Popularity

This article examines the positive effect that Far Infrared Saunas can have on muscle recovery in a group of athletes.  

Excerpt: "In 2015, a study from Finland tested to see if FIR saunas increased recovery and power output after endurance training. They found that using FIR treatment following 30-40-minute endurance training sessions resulted in significantly lower heart rates and measured a greater counter movement jump than those using traditional saunas. It appears that using FIR after endurance training is more favorable for the neuromuscular system to recover. They also investigated the effects of FIR on a group of athletes during a 5-day intensive training period to find that the testosterone/cortisol (T/C) ratios had improved significantly after using FIR. These improvements in recovery can enable more intensive training to help push athletic development."

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