About Us

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Four Season Products was started in 2014 by PGA Professional Kirk Nederpelt and Loretta Honeychurch. We saw a need for innovative lifestyle products to help active people stay that way. We take great pride in offering outstanding products and service and are a proudly Australian-owned and operated business.

"During my coaching and playing sessions, I would repeatedly work with people whose golf game was hindered in some way by joint pain, muscle aches and poor mobility. This caused them both discomfort off the course and the inability to reach their potential on the course. While living in North America, we had personal experience with far infrared garments and the many benefits they can provide. I used far infrared for relief from occasional knee pain brought on by an active golf calendar while Loretta used it for relief from back discomfort brought on by one of her many outdoor loves, gardening."

Upon investigating the Australian market for similar products, we found a lack of options and those that were available were very expensive. We recognized an opportunity and Move Well Clothing was born. After much research and diligent sourcing, we found an excellent medical and sports supports manufacturer to bring the product to form. We also decided to take a step out of the traditional supply chain and offer the product online, direct to you. The result? You can now enjoy the benefits of far infrared at a reasonable cost. Don’t worry though, if you don’t like ordering online, you can always call our offices at 0483 861 669.

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So, what are you waiting for? Life is Better when you Move Well.