Move Well Pure Bliss Eye Pillow

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Let the stress of the day melt away whenever you use your Move Well Pure Bliss Eye Pillow.  Your Eye Pillow features the benefits of far infrared and can help to

  • Revitalize facial tissue and promote healing
  • Improve circulation while reducing inflammation and eye fatigue
  • Reduce swelling and dark patches around the eyes
  • Provide penetrating warmth for deep relaxation

Move Well Pure Bliss Eye Pillows are made from the finest Far Infrared fabric available.  The Move Well fabric (the black side of your Eye Pillow) is impregnated with high-quality bio-ceramic minerals which reflect your body's natural emissions of far infrared.  The interior bag is removable to allow for washing of the exterior pouch.  The interior bag is made of cotton and filled with organic linseed (flax) to block out light and provide a nice weight to the eye pillow.  It can be warmed in the microwave or cooled in the freezer or refrigerator if desired. It can also be scented by using a drop or two of your favourite essential oil (not included).

Our Move Well Pure Bliss Eye Pillows are made in Australia and available in many different colours.  Please note that these colours will change over time based on fabric availability. Other colours may be available in store that are not displayed online.

Begin enjoying luxury and therapy all in one place with your own Move Well Pure Bliss Eye Pilllow.

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