Move Well Far Infrared Ankle Support

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The ankle joint has three bones that are precisely shaped to interlock and give stability. Strong bands of connective tissue called ligaments reinforce the joint and help hold the bones together. These ligaments prevent too much movement of the joint. A sudden movement or twist, often when the foot rolls in, can overstretch these supporting ligaments, causing ligament tears and bleeding around the joint. This is known as an ankle sprain. This is a common injury, particularly in activities that require running, jumping and change of direction (such as basketball and netball). Some people can be particularly prone to recurring ankle sprains. Are you one of them?

Our Move Well Far Infrared Ankle Support works to reduce pain, stiffness and inflammation by reflecting your body's far infrared rays back into the muscles and tissue.

Move Well ankle supports are great for:

  • increasing circulation
  • ankle sprains and strains
  • arthritis
  • rheumatism
  • tendon pulls
  • reducing inflammation
  • relieving pain
  • providing extra support during physical activity

Colours: Available in black or white. 

Sizing Guidelines: Sizes available are Small, Medium and Large. To determine the proper size, take a measurement of the circumference of your leg, just above your ankle and refer to the following:

  • 20cm (8") and under - Small
  • 20.5cm (8") to 26cm (10") - Medium
  • 27cm (10.5") and over- Large

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