Move Well Far Infrared Back Support

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A full day behind the wheel, a long night on the dance floor, too much time at the computer or perhaps an extended movie marathon from the safety of your couch.  Any of these can put strain on your back and, if you don't take care of it, you'll end up "flat on your back" and of no use to anyone. You wouldn't want that now would you?

Our Move Well Far Infrared Back Support works to reduce pain, stiffness and inflammation by reflecting your body's far infrared rays back into the muscles and tissue.  The back supports feature flexible vertically-positioned slats which help to keep your lower back in a safe position. They also feature an internal pocket to allow you to add heat packs or cold packs as you desire (these are not included).

Move Well Back Supports are great for:

  • improving circulation
  • reducing fatigue
  • reducing inflammation
  • relieving aches and pains, particularly lower back pain
  • correcting poor posture
  • reinforcing metabolism
  • aiding weight loss- the far infrared has been shown to excite water molecules at a cellular level which aids in digestion and toxin removal

Colours: Available in black only. 

Sizing Guidelines: Sizes available are Small, Medium and Large. For appropriate sizing, take a measurement of the circumference of your waist, in line with your belly button:

  • 76cm (30") and under: Small
  • 77cm (30.5") to 97cm (38"): Medium
  • 98cm (38.5") to 122cm (48"): Large

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